Elementi & CoorItalia - Natural Stone Sources

Sourcing natural stone materials in the American market can sometimes be limited to the specifier's knowledge of availability and local stone yard inventory. As a leading importer of natural stone materials from Europe, CoorItalia (our sister company) has spent the last 15 years developing relationships with multi-century-year-old stone quarries with unique products and massive inventories. Unlike other stone sources in the San Francisco Bay Area and California selling primarily slab-based products, CoorItalia sells cut-to-size material and provides all the technical help to clients for the preparation of shop drawings and cutting lists necessary to place a final order for production. 

By sourcing material overseas, we offer a wider range of Marble, Limestone, Travertine and other unique stones purchased directly from the quarry, including blocks and slabs from the factories. This process often results in savings for our clients on product waste which reduces the overall project cost while keeping high-quality standards. The entire process is followed closely by our technical personnel to ensure better quality control than a typical slab-only stone yard.

In the next series of educational posts, our goal is to share insight on these beautiful products and background as a resource for future dialogues and specifications. We will focus on a few basic natural stone offerings that are not limited to Marble, Travertine, and Limestone.