It starts with a sketch, an idea, a vision. Our services at Elementi complement the designer and the architect, it’s a collaborative process.

Your vision – no matter how detailed and unique – is the end goal.

The aesthetics of solid block is what sets us apart.

Simply put, we take one massive block outside of the mountain quarry, next we carve each piece out of the stone. As we move through the process, we honor the stone, analyze and hone in on the unique look of the stone.

We understand design.

We're in awe of the revered craftsmen we work with.

We only work with those we admire.

We believe in the story of good design and craftsmanship.

At Elementi's Design Center and Gallery we provide an expert, tightly focused and contemporary design service that is highly curated with some of the world's most influential artists, designers and craftsmen.

We work with you and personalize your experience, while working directly with our craftsmen in Italy through sourcing stone, and managing the process from design direction to installation.

Bringing California lifestyle with Italian craftsmanship, Elementi strives for developing old world material with new world technology.